Contribution of women throughout the economy is very important pertaining to the growth of socio-economic environment of Bangladesh. Without a important and energetic participation of ladies, half of the total population, in regular economical activities, a dynamic and sustainable economic climate is difficult. In view of the need to bring the countryside womenfolk in the development stream of the country, both the Government, the NGOs and other related agencies have got provided adequate opportunities to encourage entrepreneurial skill among women. Income-generating activities, credit rating facilities, skill training, industry opportunities have the ability to combined to pave how for the emergence of entrepreneurial development among women in rural Bangladesh. Bangladesh features undertaken systematic reforms across all sectors in the last decade with an emphasis on the initiatives to boost women's involvement through regulations, international exhibitions, and yes actions in order to meet quotas to ensure women's participation (Groundwork, 2002). It appears that girls have brought a sociable and economical change; and opened up a new dimension in the industry area through their engagement in different socio-economic activities in Bangladesh.

Affirmation of the Trouble:

Mainstreaming women in industrial activities can substantially contribute to economic expansion and their personal strength. In order to support women to release their creative potentials since entrepreneurs innovative and specific support solutions are needed. Although some specialized funds and programs had been undertaken to facilitate credit towards small businesses with more comfortable conditions but in practice, generally in most of the cases, entrepreneurs must offer guarantee to guarantee financial loan repayment. Many the women do not possess any property and are not able to formally provide the necessary investments against loans. Due to the complexities in the sociable environment and administrative structure, women's entrepreneurship in Bangladesh is more tough. Many cultural and operational constraints always restrict women from beginning and working economic companies. But the development of women's entrepreneurship can offer great opportunities for progress one half in the population as well as for overall socio-economic progress in the country. Targets of the Study:

The objective of the study should be to investigate the available support services of ladies entrepreneurship to assure its development and growth in Bangladesh. To achieve this objective the following particular objectives are outlined: a) To study the available support services of ladies entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. b) To explore the restrictions and challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. c) To suggest a lot of policy advice to overcome these constraints.

Support Services for Women Business owners in Bangladesh:

The value of women internet marketers in the nationwide development method has been identified by successive governments and steps initiated to realize these types of objectives. There are following specific areas where females entrepreneurs will need supportive assistance: Legal assistance includes translucent regulation to get Trade license etc . along with other processes. Financing helps to lessen interest rate, quick access to loan, and Guarantor free financial loan for women entrepreneurs. Marketing assistance should be constructed among people to work with local products and market ought to be created abroad through good and other marketing campaigns. Technology includes continuous product/service quality control, top quality enhancement through adopting new technology, tax lowering on brought in new machinery etc . Organization management has a range of pursuits like HR, employee handling, consumer management, record keeping, priced at, inventory supervision, procurement, strategic positioning etc.

(Source: Morshed, 2008, G. 22)

The support providers provided by several financial and...

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