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Manual for the Workplace, Part 1 & a couple of

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Configure and Troubleshoot Internet Explorer Reliability Options4

Employing Internet Options4

Using the General Tab5

Making use of the Security Tab6

Using the Privacy Tab9

Using the Content Tab9

Using the Advanced Tab10

Set up and Troubleshoot Basic Gadgets Such as Exterior Hard Drives and USB Thumb Drives13

External hard disks13

Internal hard disks14


Preparing to make use of a new hard disk15

UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS Drive Troubleshooting15

Configure Hard disk drive Management17

Tips on how to Access disks Management Utility17

Deleting a Disk Partition19

Creating a Hard drive Partition20

Format a Partition24

Resizing a Partition - Extending & Shrinking25

Changing a Drive Letter and Label29

Configure Performance Monitor32

Accessing Overall performance Monitor32

Inspecting your System's Performance33

Making Sense of all of the Data37

Change File and Folder Access37

Viewing Current User Accord for a Record or Folder37

Changing Permissions for a File or Folder40

Taking Title of a Document or Folder45

Configure IPv4 Settings50

Alter TCP/IP settings50

Configure Network Connections51

The Network and Sharing Center51

Sharing and Discovery52

Home Groups53

Landscape Leftovers54

End user Account Control54

1 . Introduction54

2 . Just how and how come a UAC prompt might occur55

three or more. What users think about the UAC55

4. Admin vs Standard user: advantages and cons56

5. UAC settings in Windows 757

6. Conclusion58

Configure Your Firewall in Windows 759

1 . Set up system and security settings. 59

installment payments on your Select program features. sixty

3. Select firewall adjustments for different network location types. 61

Configure Windows 7 Backup Options62

To back up the files63


To create a new, full backup63


To create a back-up after updating from a previous version of Windows64

Specify Windows several File Recovery Options64

What each recovery option does65


To open the System Restoration Options menu on your computer66

To open the device Recovery Choices menu making use of the WindowsВ 7 set up disc or maybe a USB flash drive, or a system repair disc66

House windows 7 and VPN(Virtual Private Networking)67

Set up and Troubleshoot Internet Explorer Security Options

Using Internet Alternatives

To reach Internet options, you would the actual following:

1 . Click Start, after which click The control panel.

2 . Simply click Network And Internet Connections, after which click Internet Options. Or windows 7 Professional shows the Internet Homes dialog box, as proven in Number 13. almost eight.

Physique 13. almost eight?? The General case of the Internet Properties dialog box Using the General Tab

The property Page section in the Standard tab in the Internet Properties dialog container allows you to change the page you utilize for your webpage, the page you see every time you start Internet Explorer. This is also the page you are went back to each time you click on the Home icon on the toolbar. The Temporary Internet Data section inside the General case allows you to delete all cookies and momentary Internet data files stored on your computer. A biscuit is a record created by a Web site that stores information regarding you on your computer. To erase all the cookies stored on your computer, click Delete Cookies. Windows XP Professional exhibits a Delete Cookies communication box for you to confirm that you want to delete all the cookies placed on your computer. Simply click OK to delete all of the cookies or click Terminate to keep the cookies stored on your computer. A temporary Net file is actually a file downloaded from a site on the Net to decrease your access a chance to the Web site when you notice it. To delete all short-term Internet data on your computer, click Delete Data files. A message container will be viewed for you to make sure you want to delete all short-term Internet documents on your computer. The Delete Every Offline Articles checkbox enables you to delete any kind of sites you may have...