Is going to Pushing Horlicks into Fresh Categories Damage the Brand?

 Will Pushing Horlicks into New Classes Destroy the brand name? Research Paper

GlaxoSmithKline is a leading healthcare firm resulting from the merger of two leading international companies: Glaxo Wellcome and Smithkline Beecham. In India GSK operates while GSK Customer Healthcare Limited. Headquartered in Gurgaon, GSK began its journey with Horlicks in India. Zubair Ahmed's took over as MD, India Sub-continent area of GSK Consumer Health-related in 2007. He introduced the Horlicks Foodles in August, 2010 which has been a totally fresh and not related category for any health-beverage developer like GSK. It was a bold and risky stage for GSK as they acquired already confronted failure of Aquafresh toothpaste and Ribena, the black current drink. But with out of box thinking and able management of Mister Zubair Ahmed, they not merely tapped the high potential of noodles market in India nevertheless were also able to grab 6% market share in south & east. In respect to interview given to Business standard in March, 2010 Shubhajit Sen GSK exec vice president (marketing) said that the organization tackles the task at 3 levels – first, purchasing new technology on the initial Horlicks and keeping the assure relevant as well as the imagery modern; second, expanding the brand‘s footprint in to new wellness drink exts to tap consumer sections who is probably not using the category (eg Junior Horlicks, Women‘s Horlicks, Mother‘s Horlicks, Asha, Horlicks Lite etc) and third, expanding the brand to new classes like cereal bars (Horlicks NutriBar), ChillDoodh, biscuits now instant noodles. The FMCG major ideas to increase retail reach by 30% as the division has always been their very own weak location. Despite of solid hold in east and south, they will still need to catch up a whole lot with other corporations in north and western world for newer categories just like noodles, biscuits and toothpaste. They aspire to accomplish this activity with their project canvas. They likewise have big programs for the agricultural consumers which can be expected to prolong to 40-45% of market coverage increasing from thirty percent presently. Likewise for high-end...