Types of employment legal agreements

 Types of employment legal agreements Essay


type of contract


long term contract

An employee who has been hired and paid directly by that employer for any position with out a predetermined time frame.

contract with employer




without time limit

all from employer


time limit: particular date

rarely, in NL all except

pension check in some cases


time limit: particular date, task,

project, by law

(maternity leave f. e. )



time limit

hardly ever

no, function agency

time limit

all via agency

Furthermore to their income, they often receive benefits just like subsidized healthcare, paid vacations, holidays, ill time, or contributions to a retirement prepare. Even when job is " at will", permanent workers of large businesses are generally safeguarded from sudden job termination by severance policies, like advance notice in case of layoffs, or formal discipline procedures. They may be eligible to join a union, and may enjoy both social and financial advantages of their work. temporary deal

An employee who has been chosen and paid directly by that company for a position with a predetermined time limit. That they rarely obtain benefits and also the job protection afforded regular staff. However in the Netherlands staff with short-term contract do need to receive the same benefits as employees with permanent agreement.

fixed term contract

Staff are on a fixed-term contract in the event that both of the following apply: they may have an employment agreement with the business they work for and their contract ends over a particular particular date, or upon completion of a unique task, task and only in those instances set out by law. For example , a fixed-term job contract can be used: to replace a worker who is lack of or provisionally working in your free time (parenting leave), or to replace an employee who have not yet taken on their position. It may also be applied in the event of a temporary increase in the activity of the organization, for seasons...