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Theme- There are a lot of styles in the account Wings Snacks by Mavis Gallant. One of the important topics of this account is the way the father refuses to conform to societies norms. The daddy never a new real task like the different fathers inside the town. In the event he colored for other people he would do it the way he feels is right " My father suggested that Madame Gravelle might be just like happy with a tinted photograph. ” (Page 208 third Para). He lives his life simply by not considering others thought or just how people talked about him great own girl. This was exactly why his little girl did not like him " He was unlike any father I had met or browse about” (Page 206 last Para). This individual continues to be himself and does not transform for anyone through the story. The father also lives on the opposite side of the river where the The french language Canadians live. This brings the story to its second theme that may be French Canadians vs English language Canadians. " What grievous social problems we had determined, by being too much identified with all the French. ” (Page 206 First Para). During this time period there was nonetheless hate and disliking between French Canadians and English language Canadians as a result of tension among Quebec as well as the Rest of Canada. The French Canadians looked upon the father since he hardly ever had a true job. The location kept talking about him which usually his girl dint just like, but the father dint modify for anyone and remains who also he is and continues carrying out what he could be best in (i. e. painting). The English father in the church also uses a slur to identify french while this individual talks to the daughter, he says, " Then simply why's your dad constantly around the frogs. ” (Pg 206 Para 4). This shows just how there is nonetheless separateness for the two Canadian groups. One more theme of this account is the relationship between daddy and daughter, the father by no means interferes much in his children life, this individual usually thoughts his very own business and lets her daughter live her lifestyle the way the lady wants to " If, for meals, My spouse and i failed...