Drowning and Swimming Pools

 Essay about Drowning and Swimming Pools


It's always miserable when you learn about a child too much water or when ever there was a person located dead around a bunch of water. There are many different strategies to die but we will only be covering up one of them through this essay and this seem to be drowning. The definition of too much water is " death via asphyxia as a result of suffocation due to water going into the lungs and preventing the ingestion of oxygen leading to cerebral hypoxia. ” (Wikipedia) Asphyxia means that there is not enough or lack completely thereof o2. A generally known sort of this would be something like choking. Using the medical meaning of Hypoxia or hypoxiation " is a another condition in which the body in general (generalized hypoxia) or a region of the human body (tissue hypoxia) is starving of adequate oxygen source. ” (Wikipedia) From what I have examine in many articles or blog posts there seems to be confusion upon what drowning really is therefore there are two sub- category's that pertain to that and people are relax and too much water. Distress can be when people will be in trouble but can and still staying above water enough to call for support (which brings about also having air) and also make movements to try and get themselves to basic safety. Drowning is usually when the people have actually received themselves to a potentially damaging situation and they are not getting enough air. These folks are suffocating and are in immediate hazard of shedding consciousness. Now that we have a understanding of what drowning is really there are a couple of more sub- categories that pertain for the actual level of drowning you may be in. These two levels are called unaggressive drowning and active too much water. Passive too much water is when someone has slipped unconscious or due to a medical problem is not anymore aware of their very own surroundings. A great example of this would be someone who went into a pond on accident and misplaced consciousness, or fell and also knocked subconscious in a mess of normal water. You can drown in as little as 1 in. of water apart from in certain conditions where no ...

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