The similarities and differences of North and South Korea

 The similarities and differences of North and Southern Korea Composition

Southern region Korea is found on the southern part of Korea and boarders and is

bordered by Eastern Asia, the southern half of the Korean Peninsula which boundaries the

Ocean of The japanese, and the Yellowish Sea. Southern Korea has a boring weather in my opinion. It is

temperate, and through the summer weeks there is bulkier rainfall than the rest of the yr. The ground in To the south Korea is similar to that of North Korea. It is mostly hillsides and provides mountains. You will discover wide coastal plains on the western part of the country in the southern region. These areas have many great harbors pertaining to fishing. The only natural devastation South Korea is really at risk of are typhoons.

The population in South Korea is larger than that in North Korea. There are

twenty four, 289, 037 people that happen to be mostly located along the seacoast. Sixty-nine percent of the

persons work in the skills department, twenty-one and a half percent work in industry

fields, and nine and half percent work in agriculture. There is a close race in South Korea

for the number one religion among Christianity and Buddhist. additional religions are

Confucianism, Shamanism, and Chindogyo. Most people in South Korea speak Korean

but more often are improving proficiency in english.

The capital in South Korea is Seoul, and To the south Korea is a Republic. One of the

main reasons it really is Republic is because of the US participation in World Battle II. The president

of South Korea is NO Muh-hyun who was selected in the year 2003. South Korea gained really

independence via Japan in 1945 on Aug 15th.

South Korea's biggest traitor is definitely once again America. Popular export products in Southern region

Korea happen to be things such as electronic devices, machinery and equipment, autos, steel, delivers,

clothing, shoes or boots, and fish. In the agricultural department rice, root vegetation, barley,

vegetables, fruit; cows, pigs, hens, milk, eggs; fish will be the most well-known. The foreign currency in South Korea is known as the Southern region Korean won also known as the KRW. One thousand, four hundred and one KRW is equivalent to a single...