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Nicholas Carr's book, The Shallows: What the Net is Doing to the Brains, discusses why the creation from the Internet can be changing the brain processes plus the way of thinking for all those who put it to use. The use of computer systems and the Internet has cracked in popularity over the past 10 years. New technology to make lives easier will be being made every day, just like different changes, new editions, and new devices to work with. They are intended to be fast, and technologically smart to, again, produce lives simpler.

Carr thinks that this new-technology is destroying the way people used to believe. The world is really fast paced now, and no speculate if this trade the attention duration, or even the capability to sit down, read, or keep all of the knowledge found in printed text. " Once I was a scuba diving diver in the sea of words. I zip over the surface just like a guy on the jet ski” (Carr, 7). Carr's mental faculties are also changing. Even though, he grew up with no all the ease of the Internet and new digital technology. " I miss my old brain” (Carr, 16). While shown by this quote, this individual still feels the effects of today's world.

People used to read books, magazines, and newspaper articles for exploring purposes. At this point, the norm is to use Google's search engine. Most catalogs, magazines, and newspapers can be found somewhere on the Internet today. A person can purchase almost any publication on their Ebook reader, with a web connection, and read it from anywhere. Book retailers are basically becoming outdated. The book store, located where I live, closed down a couple of years ago once E-readers, including, Nooks, Amazon kindles, and iPads, started growing in popularity. Because the action of reading and getting dropped in a book requires a totally different brain function than skimming articles within the Internet, a large number of people currently do not dedicate their time reading books.

Carr clarifies in part two, and in addition in nine, that our brains need to be " re-wired” to do any actions. " Each time we execute a task...

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