Book Review and Review of " The Gift of Sex”

Mona Trice

CCOU 305-B02 Healthy Sexuality


Teacher Moroz

Liberty University On the web


This paper should be used as a response regarding sexual happiness within the confines of a biblically structured marriage. It was based on data obtained from the book, " The Present of Sex” by Clifford and Joyce Penner. The couple gave their judgment as well as talked about topics that have been sexually specific as it pertained to married people. Couples that were seeking an even more satisfying lovemaking relationship had been most likely the intended objectives. Topics that had been discussed had been; the scriptures and sexual intercourse depicted to man, the entire body which was made in order to perform sexual actions as well as keeping intimacy surviving and interested within the marital life. There were likewise topics such as problems which have risen due to sexual problems, birth control, couples which have benefited from sexual exercises along with instructions that have been known to have got provided a greater sexual flexibility. The experts recommended couples which have experienced sexual dysfunction within their partnerships to seek Professional help when of course, if needed. Both authors reviewed the use of psychiatrists, psychologists, cultural workers along with men and women from the cloth which were known to possess benefited lovers that have addressed sexual problems in the past. (Word rely 203) keywords sexual completion, marriages


The authors explained to readers that God suitable for sex to enjoy mutually in a marriage between a man and a woman and that sex will make or break a marriage. In respect to (Penner & Penner, 2003), Love-making should be seen as an gift via God and enjoyed within the confines of marriage, sexual intercourse is encouraged as well as expected to be a vital a part of marriage as it relates to intimacy between a male and a lady, (pg. 19-20). The Present of Sex is a publication that was written by Christian authors Clifford and Joyce Penner for anyone whom will be sexually unfulfilled or stagnated in the sanctity of the relationship bed. The book provides much needed suggestions for married couples, (men and a women), whom are experiencing difficulties sexually; have had dried out spells or perhaps who have experienced sexual problems or those that have agreed to try various associated with order to enhance their marriage sexually. The writers gave in depth information with regards to marital blocks such as Christian beliefs to sexual behaviour or bad habits which could stop couples coming from having a sexually fulfilled matrimony. Scripture references were used to illustrate the value for married people to be one sexually rather than to be embarrassed with their bodies or the take action of love-making within their marriage. " Available of Genesis, the holy book tells just how Adam and Eve had been " naked and not embarrassed, ” both equally experienced a free, open relationship that experienced no barriers” (Penner & Penner, 2003, pg. 20). The writers gave important information in the book to couples who may have experienced rifts within their marital life that was caused by discontentment sexually and realized it had been God's plan for them to propagate but also enjoy the work of love-making with delight. The authors talked about the partnership with Christ and the House of worship as His bride as with a marriage. Both the authors discussed the fact that marriage was obviously a spiritual union and the relationship between The almighty and person is based on agape love, the sexual marriage between a man and his partner is based on eroticism. With the data pertained in the book, the authors could have kept some couples from any further damage sexually and thus, wedding ceremony from sexual disaster. Most couples upon reading the book identified freedom sexually and could actually enjoy marriage sex in the manner God intended without disgrace. SECTION ONE PARTICULAR CRITIQUE: A Biblical Point of view

Love-making is a gift idea from Goodness. This is a true statement. The act of sex was meant for...

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