The rose Kingdom

 The Plant Kingdom Essay

The rose Kingdom (Plantae)

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Plants provide nutrients for the body and spirits. With the help of protists andВ fungi, vegetation provide the air we inhale and exhale and the food that sustains us -- either indirectly, by nourishing other animals. Plants offer shade over our brain and amazing carpets under our foot while adjacent us with beautiful colors and observing the modify of periods. Prominent plant life give us a handle on ecological residential areas. Descriptions including " Redwood-Tanoak Forest" or " Oak Grassland" indicate not only the plants we may find generally there but the family pets, fungi, and climate as well. Classification from the plant kingdom can be specifically confusing for the amateur naturalist. For example , according to modern botany: 5. A hand tree recieve more in common having a blade of grass compared to other forest. * A strawberry grow is more strongly related to a f or apricot tree than to a clover or geranium. * A Ginko (Maidenhair) tree is very different from various other plants that it can be in a phylum by itself. When you have to group it to plants, it belongs with conifers including Pine trees. At leastВ four classification systemsВ are in common use: Plants happen to be classified in 12В phylaВ or categories based mainly on reproductive characteristics; they are classified byВ tissue structureВ into non-vascular (mosses) and vascular vegetation (all others); byВ " seed" structureВ into those that reproduce through naked seed products, covered seeds, or spores; or byВ statureВ divided into mosses, ferns, shrubs and pampre, trees, and herbs. Many of these higher-level groups are extremely lopsided: almost all the 270, 000 flower species happen to be flowering herbs. The groups listed below give slightly better balance: the largest phylum have been split while the other phyla are assembled according to just one or more in the methods described above. Mosses and AlliesВ (BryophytaВ and allies)

MossesВ are non-vascular vegetation -- they cannot transport liquids...