The Feast of Lupercal

 Essay for the Feast of Lupercal

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Get your animal skins ready males, it's that time of year again! The feast of Lupercalia comes around to Rome yet again. This particular feast is definitely on Feb . 15th to celebrate the dual founders of your great town, Romulus and Remus, as well as honoring the god Faunus.

Many people should know the story of Romulus and Remus but for all those youngsters, the story tells that as kids, Romulus and Remus were thrown into the River Tiber on orders of their usurping uncle Amulius. The babies washed on land by a untamed fig shrub, and had been found by a she-wolf, whom raised them with her lover. Years after they were identified by the shepherd Faustulus fantastic wife Acca Larentia who also took these people in. Upon reaching adult life they learned their true identities, make out to avenge themselves on their wicked superb uncle. Following killing him, they founded the Timeless City. Once restored for their proper put in place society, the twins rediscovered the den the once spent my youth in and named this Lupercal, which can be now a sacred site. As many of us know, Lupercal is famous in their give. After a year, the rituals might have tucked your mind therefore I'm below to advise you. The celebration begins with two young men, of high societal list and stripped naked, covering blood in the sacrificial goat over themselves and then wiping it away with wool dipped in dairy. Following that each youth will certainly lead a grouping of men in running throughout the town and can slap the women and girls which goat thongs. Although to many non-Romans and foreign people this may seem odd, although this implies something very important. Goats, even though may not appear to be it, are the embodiment of sexuality within our culture. 1 slap through the goat skin area thong can render a female fertile or cure any kind of troubles with conceiving children. This male fertility rite is at honor from the great goodness, Faunus, who have himself is half person and half goat. This is of study course followed by great feasts for many days and nights. Let us every feel the delight...