The Battles Elements of Break down

 The Wars Elements of Devastation Essay

Components of Destruction

In Ancient Greek idea it is presumed that all subject is made up of several elements: the planet, water, air and fire. According to David Osborn, the Greeks believed that our world exists in a basic balance of the four components. If the fragile harmony of those powerful makes were to be disrupted by human interference, there is a vast sum of uncertainty and turmoil on Earth (webpage). Within the novel The Battles the author, Timothy Findley, utilizes the elements of earth, normal water, air and fire to show the devastation that the warfare has on not merely humans, nevertheless on the environment. It is seen through the life of Robert Ross the particular elements, which can be essential for human being survival, had been turned into causes of loss of life and damage. While Robert is on the front lines, the earth and water factors change from staying " givers of life to deprivers of life” (Kay lecture). Earth is used along with the addition of normal water to be a platform for keeping life with plants and vegetation. Additionally, it sustains lifestyle as the soldiers drill down trenches to hold themselves safe from incoming enemy attacks. However the war quickly pollutes these ingredients and turns them in to physical hazards. This is seen when Robert finds him self trapped on the collapsing dike and almost drowns. Theses dikes which were dug from the ground include ruined the landscape and for that reason collect mud and normal water which can cause a maelstrom for the troops. The mud is also infected from the toxic gas on sale since the combat, which Robert discovers after rubbing that on his face and becoming temporarily blind. This individual expected the mud to cleanse his face yet instead this caused damage as it delivered his eyesight. So these kinds of necessities that Robert relies upon have been flipped against him as a result of the war. An additional instance whereby the earth changed from a place of security to a danger that causes loss of life is once Robert's trench dugout was shelled simply by enemy mortars. The earth was a...

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