Teaching Procedures for Film Language Lessons: Cast Aside

 Teaching Methods for Film Language Lessons: Cast Away Essay

Vocabulary arts: Film

Title: Players Away

Level: Secondary Five

Lessons: six – almost eight lessons

Teaching procedures:

A. | Movie trailer

| Previewing activities

| 1 . | Watch a film trailer.

| 2 . | Ss operate groups of 3 to write down their thoughts. | | a few. | Dure work in groups of three to predict the plot and theme of the film. | | |

N. | Initial Clipping

| While-viewing activity

| 1 ) | Complete a character map.

| Post-viewing activities

| 1 . | Identify the state of emotion.

| 2 . | Practise applying different emotions to say a line.

| 3. | Design a dialogue.

| 4. | Present the dialogue.

| 5. | Imaginative composing of a letter.

| |

C. | Second Clipping

| While-viewing activity

| 1 . | Draw a storyboard with sayings.

| Post-viewing activities

| 1 . | Make a choice of things with reasons.

| 2 . | Group conversation on the range of things.

| |

D. | Third Trimming

| Post-viewing activities

| 1 . | Ss think about they are a single one of the main characters to create a decision. | | installment payments on your | Dure persuade other students to adopt their aspect to make the same decision.


Cast Apart

Target Group: F. 5 students

Universal skills:

2. Critical and creative thinking

* Collaborative and communication abilities

* Problem solver skills

5. Decision making skills


2. Presenting personal ideas

2. Role-playing


* Observing the trailers

* Observing the film clippings


* Browsing classmates' work

Cast Aside


5. Drawing a personality map

2. Writing a letter

2. Drawing a storyboard

* Making alternatives with reasons


* Discussing the plot of the film

5. Discussing the theme of the film

5. Persuading, saying yes and disagreeing

* Talking to different feelings


* Listening to the narration of the trailer


Pre-viewing activities

Cast Apart (Trailer)

1 . Watching a trailer

View a film trailer and note down the frequentation of the trailers. There is merely one sentence which is chopped up into three phrases. Then simply work in categories of three and write down the things you think about the lines.

Narration| Your thoughts(who? the moment? what? just how? why? )




The complete word is:

Teacher's copy

Solid Away (Trailer)

1 . Observing a trailers

Watch a movie trailer and write down the narration in the trailer. There is certainly only one sentence in your essay which is sliced up in three terms. Then operate groups of 3 and jot down what you think about the lines.

Narration| Your thoughts(who? when? what? how? why? )

within an ordinary life| Free response

extraordinary events| Free response

can change a person forever| Totally free response

The complete sentence is usually: In an common life, extraordinary events can change a man forever.

2 . Discussing the plan and concept of the the film

Watch the trailer a second time. Operate groups of 3 and produce predictions of what you will certainly see in the film.

Characters| Setting| Plot| Climax| Ending

| | | |

And what will the film be regarding? What will the theme of the film always be?

First Cutting

Cast Apart (First clipping)

While-viewing activity

While watching the first film clipping, be aware of Chuck Noland, the protagonist, to look for all the information since you can about him.

Figure Map


Describe the smoothness


What feelings will the character possess?


Chuck Noland


How does the smoothness act inside the story?

Character / Attributes

What is the character's

personality like?

Adapted via: Hilda and Scholastic Incorporation

Teacher's duplicate

Character Map


Identify the character

1 ) Chuck Noland is a FedEx systems professional whose life is ruled by simply time. installment payments on your He provides a friend called Stan whose wife can be seriously sick.

3. Get rid of is in love with a girl called Kelly.


What feelings...