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Comparison between Nike and cola Campaign about tumblr

Adidas launched its soccer Tumblr blog page in time to get the 2012 UEFA Western Championship. The Adidas Sports Tumblr page features a sharp, artistic artistic with static images and videos (many of which display Adidas products). Other features include a revealing podcast, photographs of mental fan reactions, and a tribute to several Adidas players over the years. What others may view since entertaining articles or artwork, we see since an excellent sports activities marketing and personalisation decision. With easy showing options and high-quality content material, the Nike Tumblr marketing campaign is sure to become a success. Adidas's global company marketing director-football, Tom Ramsden, described his vision pertaining to the Adidas Football blog page in a assertion: " We will use Tumblr to share one of a kind content with supporters; combining materials from our great footballing store with fresh, new content produced in real time by a lineup of thrilling, up and coming suppliers. "

Adidas uses soccer player to attract the target audience showing the video participant using tumblr word within their own highlight. Cearting affinity for the target target audience showing in back of the landscape looks to make them feel the part of the manufacturer.


World renowned soda maker Pepsi decided to join Tumblr before the new year which is wasting no time in placing its recently created existence on the microblogging platform to good employ. the company proceeded to go all in to develop what is more than your common Tumblr page but what looks to be a finely crafted social media marketing campaign.

Coca-Cola's new plan is built in regards to Tumblr blog page called " Happiness Can be, " an initiative designed to engage teen users. From your page, the organization is writing Coke-branded content material such as photos and clips of past advertisements, although says it plans to obtain more interactive by simply including articles from fresh bloggers.

Coke's Tumblr says it is " sharing Happiness one post at a time. " " That's what the Delight Is...