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 Curriculum Creation and Change Article

п»їScript from the Formal Getting together with Test

1 ) Chairperson's addresses


Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone. Now i am glad to welcome everyone to the next meeting in the Mont Kiara Trail Jogging. Thank you for arriving. Can we phone this meeting to purchase?



2 . Apologies for shortage


Are they any apologies to get absence to get today's conference?


Certainly, MrAfiq is usually on medical leave because of accident a couple of days back and Miss Zarina is definitely on holiday leave for her honeymoon.

3. Mins of earlier meeting


Thank you, do we now go to the next item, minutes from the previous meeting? All



You should read through the minutes of the previous getting together with which were sent out earlier. What are the amendments to become made? Emir

Yes, Mr. Chairperson. There is a correction for the Item No . …. The amount allocated intended for the Blood Monetary gift was RM 50447. 56 not RM5447. 56. Azrul

Mr. Chairperson, there is one other amendments to be made. The venue pertaining to the Blood Donation was proposed by Mister. Hafis not really by Miss Hijanag. Ana

Thank you. I am going to make the necessary corrections.


Are there any various other amendments?


No .


Thank you. Can easily someone suggest the mins be passed as a the case record? Farhain

I propose the minutes become passed as a true record.


I second the motion.

5. Matters as a result of the previous mins


A few move on. Any kind of matters developing?


Yes, Mr. Chairperson. I would like to inquire about the progression of exhibition for the Blood Charite. Have Mr. Khuwarizmy contacted the DEMC and National Anti-Drug Company? Khuwarizmy

Certainly. I have contacted both organizations and they decided to run the exhibition about our Blood vessels Donation. Hafis

Miss Farhain, how about the sponsorship via Pharmaniaga?


I have approached the company although unfortunately we all cannot accept their agreement. I'll get in touch with another organization which is Pharmathon. Faris

Whatever else to add, Mister. Khuwarizmy and Miss Farhain?

Farhain& Khuwarizmy

No, Mister. Chairperson

your five. Special business


If there is nothing else, shall we go forward? Our first item under Special Business today issues on our event that is, Mont Kiara Trail Running. Let's start the particular date of the event. I suggested that the date will be about 16th December 2013. Will there be any other ideas? All

Simply no Mr. Chairperson. We acknowledge that.


We move to the next item. Are there suggestions on the sponsors? Hafis

I suggest that we contact Salomon, Gatorade and Quaker Oat. I do think, these several big companies brings in more participants on the event and also their potential on selling will be amazing. Azrul

Certainly with Mister. Hafis therefore that, My spouse and i second the motion.


Alright. Can we agree with this suggestion?


I agree with Mr. Hafis's suggestion however in addition , My spouse and i also want to suggest we request Gardenia to sponsor the breakfast pertaining to our individual. This will slice our cost to provide the food for the participant. Khuwarizmy

I second the action from Mister. Emir.


That's brilliant idea by both of u. Ms. Ana, can u do the sponsorship letter..? Ana

Good mr. chaiperson. I will do the letter and pass this to the firms. Faris

So , our next item is all about our participant. What is each of our target band of participants? Ana

I proposed that we generate it two categories. This consists of males and females open and in addition for men and women veteran groups. Farhain

Exactly. I agree with Miss Ana. It is going to attract even more publics and in addition we make an effort to achieve that the veteran group should not be neglected. With that, I second the motion. Emir

No, I can not accept Ana. I suggest that, we make it to open up categories only. The average age of the open categories will be from 18 to 4 decades old. Simply by getting the individuals from the seasoned, I think it will delay the time of our function and produce it hard to implement the event smoothly. Khuwarizmy

Yes, I agree with Mr. Emir. Furthermore, we have to tight our safety and appear on significantly their human body...