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This kind of report discusses General Motors Corporation, one of the largest car manufacturers globally, manufacturing cars and trucks in 34 countries as well as subsidiaries. This assignment is an examination of General Motors Businesses financial balance. It is hoped that these findings illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the business common share as a potential investment chance. GM currently focuses on four brands as well as strategic joint ventures to automotive brands worldwide. GMC operates underneath the core competencies of technology, leadership, large scale operations, and product & research expansion ( Despite the large scale operations of the firm, GM offers multiple areas of concern that must be addressed in order to sustain long-term value to get both stakeholders and investors. Preliminary outcomes of this evaluation indicate that GM endured enormous financial losses because of poor item quality, not enough consumer charm, lag in alternative fuel technologies, inefficient plant production, and a saturation of similar car models between their brands. Due to these factors, customer perception has plagued the company‘s revenue, resulting in a steady decrease in business across almost all platforms (

Assignment #5 Financial Research Report -- GM

Firm Overview

General Motors Company develops, produces, and market segments cars, pickup trucks, and parts worldwide. GMC also delivers automotive auto financing services through General Engines Financial Company, Inc. (GM Financial). The company was previously known as NGMCO, Inc. and changed its name to Standard Motors Business in This summer 2009. General Motors Firm is based in Detroit, The state of michigan (finance. askjeeve. com). In efforts to reinvent the global existence, General Engines decided to give attention to its " core brands" - The 2012 chevrolet, Cadillac, GENERAL MOTORS CO, and Buick. Pontiac became a " specialty" brand that markets niche vehicles. Saturn, Saab, and Hummer were both closed or sold. To settle competitive in the highly competitive automotive industry, GMC managers attempted to identify which will factors helped to determine consumer vehicle tastes in each of their automotive portions. These elements include: cost, quality, available options, style, security, reliability, gas efficiency and efficiency (finance. bing. com). December 31, 2010 GM's globally market share grew but not significantly. Vehicle revenue volumes in at 12 months end had been consistent with a gradual U. S. car sales restoration from the adverse economic associated with the U. S. recession first experienced by Older GM inside the second 50 % of 2008. Dec 31, 2009 combined GM and Old GM worldwide market share imploded. In 2009 the U. S. continued to be negatively affected by the economic elements experienced in 2008 as U. H. automotive industry sales declined significantly when compared to the ones from December thirty-one, 2008 (finance. yahoo. com). December 23, 2008 this GM's around the world market share was dire. In 2008 worldwide market share was severely impacted by the economic downturn in Older GM's greatest market, the U. H., and the economic depression in American Europe. Tightening of the credit rating markets, boosts in the joblessness rate, suffering consumer assurance as a result of declining household earnings and increasing public supposition related to Older GM's potential bankruptcy written for significantly reduce vehicle product sales in the U. S. These economic factors had a bad effect on the U. H. automotive industry plus the principal factors that decide consumers' automobile buying decisions. As a result, consumers delayed getting or rental new vehicles which induced a drop in U. S. automobile sales (finance. yahoo. com). GM's automotive operations meet the demands of its buyers through several automotive portions: GM United states (GMNA), GM Europe (GME), GM Intercontinental...

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