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 Essay on Social Media Marketing Project - Unpleasant Gal

Social Media Marketing Project

The brand that I picked out is Nasty Gal. This is a description of their brand extracted from their website:

" NASTY WOMAN offers a lot of the most desirable and desired vintage clothing and components available online, along with unique fresh designer bits.

Our vintage clothing is handpicked with care for its design, wearability, and quality. Every item is unique, and posseses an individual record specific towards the piece, giving it a personality further than what modern day clothing may dream of re-creating. "

The types of goods that they commercialize are specialised items. They will pride themselves in their palm selected array of vintage dresses, tops, jackets, and more--which are customized each season to satisfy the customer's catwalk cravings. Their items will not only have a high-fashion declaration, but as well every part is truly one of a kind. They have likewise added fresh designer garments pieces with their inventory. Their particular target market is a demographic best suited middle to upper-middle-income style conscious girls that may be inside their mid-teens to early thirties.

The time when they were really energetic and actually communicating almost instantly using their customers on their Facebook webpage was throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. Within a course of 2 .5 hours beginning from November 24th at 9: 27pm before the 25th by 12: 04am, they posted hints and information about what items had been going to be on sale. Their particular promotion upon Black Friday was 25% off on most shoes. A lot of their customers were disappointed by this and expected good sales on other apparel items as well. Later that day upon Black Friday by 5: 43pm, they re-announced that they had been going to include a store-wide sale the upcoming Monday and recommended that if perhaps people were looking forward into investing in a lot of points, they should only wait for the Mon sale but if the customer wanted a sneaker and maybe an additional small issue then may as well just buy it that...