Why I Chose Accounting

 Why I Chose Accounting Composition

II include chosen a diploma in accounting because I have always enjoyed working with figures. I liked math classes in senior high school, but I knew that I planned to be working in some sort of business discipline. I have aunts and future uncles in the accounting field, therefore when declaring a major in college, I selected accounting. Once attending school, I declared a major in accounting mainly because I liked the number crunching and the logic of the economic statements. My spouse and i wasn't sure that I had chosen the right degree, until We completed my personal pre-business accounting classes. Following excelling in both these classes, I knew that the would be a major that I would not only do well in although also enjoy. One more why I've chose a accounting degree is really because I count on the continued education aspect of the profession. I really do not want to get stuck within a static job, when I know that there is no limit towards the amount of education I will receive. I want to continue learning and building on my expertise and knowledge throughout my career. I want to be familiar with different businesses and find out the interworkings and parts within a business. With accounting, I can work together with various clientele and businesses and gain knowledge about additional professions and industries. Finally, I chose a great accounting degree because in these unstable economic times, the necessity for accountants seems to be relatively high. I think that there will always be a high with regard to accounts mainly because accounting is the language of business.