Shrimp Export products from Bangladesh: Prospects and Challenges

 Essay on Shrimp Exports from Bangladesh: Prospects and Challenges

Shrimp Exports from Bangladesh: Prospects and Challenges

Reports Issue six, 5 Oct 2009

To deal with the recent challenges experienced by the Prawn sector in Bangladesh, the Market Development Online community (MDF) joined hands alongside the Bangladesh Freezing Foods Exporters Association (BFFEA), Fishery Goods Business Advertising Council (FPBPC) and Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Groundwork (BSFF) and arranged a workshop on " Shrimp Export products from Bangladesh: Prospects and Challenges” which in turn identified the opportunities and challenges facing the sector, including nitrofuran residues, traceability and certification and suggested recommendations to deal with the issues. Katalyst enjoyed a key position in the planning, executing and financing of the event along with IDE-Bangladesh and USAIDPRICE from the MDF members. The honorable Minister of Commerce delivered the inauguration talk, while the reputable Minister of Fisheries and Livestock sent the closing speech from the seminar. Ministry of Business, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Section of Fisheries, Export Promo Bureau, Bangladesh Quality Support Program, Golda Hatchery Connection of Bangladesh and many other open public and private stakeholders actively participated in the seminar through sales pitches, speeches and discussions. The participation of Global Aquaculture Bijou and CLUBPENGUIN (Charoen Pokphand) Foods PLC made the seminar more effective due to the fresh information and valuable tips they brought in for each of our the Bangladesh shrimp foreign trade. The shrimp export got experienced a decline during 2009 due to global recession, natural disasters and a self-imposed prohibit on fresh water shrimp (prawn) exports to EU countries. The voluntary export suspend was accompanied by over 70 rapid notifies this year through the EU countries due to the so-called discovery of traces of nitrofuran toxins in the released prawn. The rapid notifies in 2009 exclusively point out to the fragility in the industry about issues linked to