Should Same Sex Marital life Be Legalized?

 Should Same Sex Relationship Be Legalized? Essay

Should Same Sexual Marriage end up being legalized?

Jennifer Calderon

Kaplan College

Mar 6, 2012

Should Same Sex Marriage be legalized?

I. Launch

A. Same sex marital life not legal

B. Equal rights for everyone

C. No longer taboo

II. Human body

A. 14th Variation

B. Benefits and drawbacks

C. Compare

III. Realization

A. Assisting same sexual marriage

W. Happiness for any

Ought to Same Sexual intercourse Marriage become legalized?

Same sex matrimony today can be legal only in seven out of fifty says. Those claims that allow same sexual marriage will be Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York as well as the District of Columbia (ncsl. org, 2006). There are many more states which experts claim not let same sexual marriage to get listed. I believe that everyone who lives in the United States ought to be given the right to marry whom they appreciate. There should be no discrimination against people who want to marry the same sex. We certainly have come a long way regarding women correct as well as segregation. Why not recognize the unavoidable? Women were not allowed to work and African Americans were not allowed to sit down in the front of the coach, because a large number of people thought that all letting this happen was wrong. Who also are we to judge any person and tell them that their actions are wrong? ?nternet site mentioned above we now have come a long way. Things that were stunning before shall no longer be shocking. Same sex couples are no longer taboo, they are on tv, they are our family members and friends, family, and our across the street neighbors that they no longer need to hide who they actually are. In our world, being gay does not harm anyone particularly. The only thing that should really matter is that there is like between two people. They are guarded by regulations and Amendments. Same sexual marriage has turned into a major matter of political controversy in recent years. Four principles had been asserted inside the text with the 14th modification. They were: Federal and state citizenship for any persons irrespective of race both born...

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