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Non-urban Development of Pakistan


Pakistan following gaining independence during 1947 inherited a vicious routine of century-old poverty. The individuals were moving into the scattered and home villages with low subsistence level. The situation of refreshing of country life arrived to picture as a result of mass poverty, population, maximize, stagnation in agricultural creation neglect of varied social services, wide difference and the difference in the income distribution and non-adopting tendency for modern technology.

Starving of standard needs

The rural sector consists of a predominant proportion of the total populace which is starving of simple necessities of life while health, better a higher education, transportation and communication features healthy drinking water and electrical energy etc .

Why it is necessary for Pakistan?

More than four-fifths with the population of Pakistan comes from rural areas. Their every capita income is much below those who reside in urban areas. Yet there is deficit of capital near your vicinity and developmentВ is necessary. Thus if we want to develop Pakistan then development of country are need to be considered by any means.

Current Scenario

Although efforts were created since freedom (1947) to develop the rural. The high rate of population growth more than weighs the gains, besides 50 per cent of our kids dropout in the school system, by the time that they reach Class V. The masses have to be educated to read, compose and learn abilities. This will reduce the wide difference of literacy and illiteracy. It was noticed that the majority of the non-urban population was still poor and illiterate. The current government is determined not to allow the present deplorable situation to continue any longer, which is resolved to reduce the persistent deprivations and giving liberty to the cowboys and the workers to combat poverty (basic needs staying food, protection, clothing, health), the main campaign being against the illiteracy arid ignorance. В

Distribution of Rural Populatio

Occupation (%)

Cultivator 57

Agricultural Labor 11

In mining, fishing etc . 4

Non-cultivating owners of terrain 0. your five

Household sector 5

In manufacturing occupations

Besides household sector 5

In construction 1

Trade and Commerce your five. 5

Connection, Storage

& Transport 1

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