Romeo and Juliet: Fate

 Romeo and Juliet: Fate Essay

Fate: the span of someone's existence, or the final result of a particular situation for somebody or something, seen as beyond their control. This is exactly what decides Romeo and Juliet's commencing and end. The enjoy, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, is about two young lovers in Verona, from other families, in whose passion to be together against all possibilities, leads to their particular demise. Shakespeare introduces their relationship while " A pair of star-crossed lovers” (Prologue. 1 . 6) which in turn stems from the fact that the stars guideline the destiny of people's lives. Romeo and Juliet could not control their lives because it was predetermined so they can be with each other eternally.

Destiny strongly affects the way that Romeo and Juliet 1st meet and fall in love with one other. First, of all people, Capulet servant Peter asks Romeo to read the guest set of the Capulet party. This may lead to Romeo discovering his initial love, Rosaline, on the list and tempts him to want to attend so he can see her. It was Romeo's destiny to become chosen to see the list that encourages him to attend the affair. Without ever reading checklist, Romeo would not have the possibility to meet Juliet due to their feuding families, which usually would keep him by attending the party. For their initially meeting, Romeo uses religious images to convey his feelings for Juliet by stating, " U, then, dear saint, let lips carry out what hands do! / They hope; grant thou, lest beliefs turn to hopelessness. ” (1. 5. 105) In this quote, he speak to her as if she is a saint and prays that she will hug him. This individual tells her that if she doesn't kiss her, he will shed all beliefs. This is where divine intervention results in their future.

Additionally , following your party Juliet soliloquizes onto her balcony and doesn't understand that Romeo is just below her. As fortune would have that, he hears her and confirms his love back to her. Once Romeo proclaims, " My entire life were better ended by their hate as well as Than fatality proroguГЁd, looking of...