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About Us

Earth Pharmaceutical Group of Companies Limited is a leading conglomerate engaged in Pharmaceutical Business for the last 28 years. As part of the diversification strategy the group offers actively joined the FMCG business with Globe Biscuit and Dairy products Milk Limited. in 1998. In 2002, to cater to the large demand The Group ventured into beverage market with Globe Soda Ltd. In 17th Come july 1st 2002 GSDL has started it is operation to generate carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, natural fruit drinks and mineral water. The plant is equipped with State-of-The- Art, totally automated machineries of Western european origin. At the beginning the production capacity of GSDL was 15, 000 lt of Carbonated drinks per hour, to fulfill the increasing consumer demand the capacity was increased to 25, 500 liters hourly by the end of 2003. Inspite of the increased creation capacity GSDL alone could not fill the demand- supply gap, it had been necessary for the group to setup another flower to meet increasing demand. In 2005 AST Beverage Ltd. comes into being with additional 60, 000 l per hour production capacity. The present capacity of AST beverage Ltd. is definitely 80, 500 Liters each hour along with GSDL's 55, 000 Liters. Through constant innovation in taste and flavor, the corporation got instantaneous success in all of the of the brands presented in the market. Today, Royal Tiger, is one of the leading brands in Carbonated Beverage Category and everything other brands like Uro Soda, Uro Orange colored, Uro " lemon ", Fizz Up, Lychena, Konia, Black Horses, Mangolee and Mineral Water Alma holds good positions in soft drinks, all-natural fruit Beverages and mineral water market. While the company is of Pharmaceuticals qualifications we are dedicated to quality productivity and creativity in manufacturing and smooth syndication channel with standard selling system. Many products are manufactured and packaged in stringent hygienic environment to assure best quality while the packaging is performed by the most recent PLC based sophisticated...