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Bill Waldorf Astor

Bill Waldorf Astor was born in-may 19th in 1879, in New York, UNITED STATES. William was part of a significant family of Great britain. When his father dead, he will get the title of Viscount.

When justin was 11 years, Williams went to live in Great britain, where he studied, obtaining a name of historian in the Oxford University.

In 1906, he married Nancy Witcher Langhorme and had five sons. Thanks to Nancy this individual create a in the social reform. But his contact with the politic was due to his father. William was part of parliament, and eventually he related with the media, working while editor inside the Observer of London (newspaper that time later he bought). Williams and his wife were known for their trying to keep the serenity with Indonesia (in time of Adolfo Hitler).

William was likewise interested in a military job, because of his thought about Hitler government.

In Drive of 1893, William open the door of 1 of the resorts that would become one of the most essential; the " Waldorf Hotel”. One year later opens to a side of Astoria resort, that collectively make the " Waldorf Astoria Hotel”.

Bill Waldorf Astor, 2º Viscount, dead in September 30th, 1952 for Clivedent.

Waldorf Astoria Hotel's

The Mar 13, 1893 Williams Waldorf Astor opened the 13-story Waldorf Lodge on the site of his estate at the part of Sixth Avenue and 33rd Street.

Several years afterwards, The Waldorf was signed up with by the 17-story Astoria Motel, erected by using an adjacent internet site by Waldorf's cousin, David Jacob Astor IV.

The Waldorf-Astoria Resort in New york city, world famous, especially for its fine art exhibitions, this can be a skyscrapers that marks the becoming the first lodge world of style Art Deco and the top, with 191 meters high. Account forty seventh floor. Located in Manhattan, upon Park Opportunity.

The skyscraper was designed in 1931. It is architects had been the case Schultze and Weaver. The name of the hotel is a reference a Williams Waldorf Astor,...