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This report is based on Destiny-2000 Limited. This survey is a great analysis of Destiny group with the introduction of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) in Bangladesh. The way they started their very own journey in Bangladesh and how they obtain success with their business. Future achieved a high level of accomplishment in a very short period of time. They will started all their business from this country in 2000 and with a not many number of consumers. Now they have a large pool customer which is a great achievement as a new company in region like Bangladesh. This evaluation will try to research the basic issue, causes and ramifications with the MLM a significant Bangladesh in light of a example of the Success group.

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Introduction Destiny-2000 Ltd. is a largest Immediate Selling Organization, which is also the fastest growing and biggest Network Marketing Firm in Bangladesh. It is also one of the Top 10 (ten) largest Immediate Selling Business amongst the world. Stopping June 2012, about 4. 5 mil Independent Distributors have already signed up for to the program, and started out working while an Independent sales representative of the corporation, since its creation on January 14th, 2k. With the objective of creating self-employment opportunities for millions of educated-unemployed, semi used Young bonnet, youths, and college out, University out Students of Bangladesh; the company began its voyage on a extremely rough highway from January 5th, 2001 of the provider's first revenue ceremony. Since the Sales & marketing prepare of the business and the concept of the business program, was incredibly new to the ordinary people of Bangladesh; the business started facing many issues, obstacles, issues from the numerous sectors. You see, the concept was also remarkably misunderstood by many people? Even misunderstood simply by some of the gov departments? Due to poor MLM business practice by the some non-ethical multi-level marketing firms initially. Although an investigation is underway, the alleged fraudulent activity of the multilevel marketing (MLM) Company Future 2000 Limited has stirred the whole region recently. The truth has brought the poorly recognized practice of MLM for the fore and has presented serious concerns regarding what sort of possible scam of this extent could be continual for so very long. Inadequate understanding on portion of the investors, not enough social consciousness, corruption, a weak regulatory framework and weaker setup are mainly to become blamed in this debacle. More scandals similar to this might be upcoming, if quick actions are generally not taken. With millions of purchase dollars and the fate of thousands of shareholders at stake, the consequences of the problem burrow deep in Bangladeshi society.

Literature Assessment

Having its corporate and business office situated at NTC (Nasir Trade Centre) Structure, near Banglamotor area in Dhaka Bangladesh, the company broadened their several (seven) divisional offices along with 119 branch office buildings across the country. Intended for the Products syndication, the company installation 15 Divisional Channel of Distribution (DCDs) and over one thousand " Local Distribution Centers (RDCs) along with handful of hundreds of " Institutional Local Distribution Centers (IRDCs)also has been setup all over the country. However , under the energetic leadership of its Taking care of Director, Mister. Mohammad Rafiqul Amin and the lads, the company can overcome the majority of those obstacles, and made a remarkable progress available down the road inside the following 10 years.

During those periods, the business has made significant contribution to the economy of Bangladesh in many ways: by spending taxes more than BDT four hundred, 00, 00, 000 (4 Billion Taka) equal to ALL OF US dollars $47 million, for the government ‘taxes fund to compliment the Budget within just last 4-5 years. Also developed a huge...

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