Reli 312 Article Exam

 Reli 312 Essay Examination

Allissa Nicodemo


Reli 312

February 18th, 2015

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In my essay I've decided to initial begin with simple definitions of Globalization, Westernization and Neo-liberalism while likewise explaining the bond between The positive effect and Westernization. Later I actually start with an over-all introduction and i also present my thesis, I then discuss the readings inside the order they are in the course pack in order to additional my factors. I have decided to format my own essay into small paragraphs because it will help me stay organized and topic. Precisely what is Globalization? In Campbell's composition Globalization is identified as " a complex web of social processes that intensify and broaden worldwide economic, cultural, politics, and scientific exchanges and connections. ” (Campbell, 4) Globalization intensifies global interdependencies and exchanges, increasing global awareness about international problems and constantly creates links between countries close and distant. What is Westernization? Westernization is defined as a " process whereby non-Western countries and societies take up social, legal, dietetic, religious, technological, linguistic, political, and economic ideals and best practice rules of countries inside the Western world- Western The european countries and US. ” (Campbell, 4) The concept of Globalization in order to forward foreign connectivity is not American but quite often Globalization is employed to advance american ideas. Though Globalization can be not inherently western, presently globalization is acting as a vehicle to progress westernization. To know how The positive effect is used to advance Westernization it is necessary to note the meaning of neoliberalism, a European ideology that is certainly being pass on and encouraged by the United States. Neoliberals " argue that deregulation and privatization of state-owned enterprises and limited authorities involvement throughout the economy [are] the best ways for countries' economies to grow and individual liberties to prosper. ”(Campbell, 12) Neoliberalism arguements for privatization, deregulation of the economy, lowered taxes, the expansion of international markets and the removal of barriers to global trade. Overall, based on the text messaging we have go through in class, I do not think that Globalization can be inherently good or bad but I really do believe that currently Globalization is doing more damage than very good. Globalization is visible as beneficial because it allows advance technology, increase global economy and promote awareness of the earth. While on the other hand, it can be seen as troublesome because globalization promotes american values which might be secular rather than everyone helps these values and there are circumstances where globalization only rewards those who are currently wealthy. Thesis: Globalization can be seen as evolving westernization as the USA as the leading superpower is dispersing their secular values throughout the world through all their brand name items, technological improvements and neo-liberalism. Globalization can be helpful in attaching nations but often it truly is problematic to countries beyond North America. Scholte- examination of globalization

Scholte explains Globalization since international on-line, space and time shall no longer be defined by simply territory. (86) Globalization advancements global sales and marketing communications and technology and this technology changes comes from a positive method. People can interact with other folks around the world without changing location because technology has gone further than territory. One other aspect of Globalization is travel and leisure, as technology advanced persons began moving around the globe, creating diasporas coming from India and China to the tropics and movement from Europe for the Americas. (92) With this kind of growing on-line of interaction and travel and leisure came an interval of progress for worldwide commodity markets and global brand names. (93) This is where we could begin to observe globalization while advancing westernization. Western opinions entail secular values and globalization advances these european...