record supervision of pnp sarrat

 record management of pnp sarrat Dissertation

п»ї1. 0 Introduction

1 . one particular Background with the Study

Technology improves itself as day continues on. Because of technology a lot of works and jobs turn into easier. Pc makes a support or performance of an organization or firm faster and productive. Without technologies, it makes the efficiency of the staff more difficult. Within our day to day lives, computers had been an integral part to play. One of the best things about pc is the fact it can help all of us to save a whole lot of manual power and time. Responsibilities can be done instantly and that will lead to saving the countless hours which may otherwise had been spent on doing the job manually.

1 . 2 Problem Areas

1 . 2 . you General Problem

The general issue of the Philippine National Law enforcement of Sarrat is they will encountered problems in their criminal history records. 1 . installment payments on your 2 Certain Problem

That they fail to discover or notice the number of times during the requested law enforcement officials clearance of every applicant. A lot time was spent when looking for a file and record.

The PNP- Sarrat can be loaded with newspaper files file.

Inaccurate documents.

1 . several Statement from the Objectives

1 ) 3. one particular General Goals

The proposed system will set up storage of records for easy retrieval when needed. 1 . a few. 2 Certain Objectives

Screen and rely the number a person received his/her authorities clearance. Can locate documents and record faster and simply.

Load of paper files will be transformed into a computer files.

Screen accurate records of authorities clearance candidate.

1 ) 4 Significance of the Examine

This study is usually design to help the duty officer to display the data or record he/she needed. It enables fast, appropriate and dependable access to data. This will provide effective administration of information. Data will be managed for particular purposes plus the information contained in them must meet these purposes. In which records happen to be migrated throughout changes in technology, the evidence maintained must remain authentic and accurate. It is going to ensure that data is available where and when it is required, in an structured and effective manner, and in a well managed environment. In the other hand, the inquirer can get their worries frequently, effectively and methodically.

1 . a few The Opportunity and Restriction

The propose system will be solely for Korea National Authorities - Sarrat. This task will be developing to help and improve record filling. The device accesses a fast and quick in looking one's record. And will be competent to display the quantity of times a applicant got his/her authorities clearance. The particular authorized person can access the system. And by the use of customer password the privacy of one's record will be safeguarded.

2 . 0 Methodology from the Study


Through this phase, the researcher pinpoints the opportunity for the modern system. We all gather details, conduct interviews and declaration to determine the problem as well as the possible solution for the modern system.


With this phase, the researcher understands and files the needs and the digesting requirement for the program.


In this period, the researcher design the device based on the requirements define and decisions produced during the examination phase. Design the user software and integrate the database.

3. zero Gathering End result and Techniques

Information was gathered by simply conducting first interview with the organization having questionnaires and in addition browsing the world wide web. Information was gathered through. Observation

Internet research

Personal interview

Trouble encountered

four. 0 Existing System

5. 1 Business Background

The Philippine National Police of Sarrat is located at Edralin Avenue near the old Sarrat Municipal building. The construction of the building was performed possible through the concerted efforts in the PNP as well as the local government unit of Sarrat. It was inaugurated on Feb . 24, 2006 by PDG Arturo Carbonel Lumabao, Primary, PNP; aided by PCSUPT Alfredo Bernardo...