Reunion gramma

 Reunion gramma Essay

Reunion del you

Opgave A

1 . The manager whose (which) child had simply been employed by the organization was suddenly fired.

Da e er ejefald benyttes in whose altid, bade om m?nniskor og ikke personer.

2 . Apparently there is no basis for that having been fired.

Slettet for da det ikke provider mening We sætningen.

a few. The magazine ran the most recent news and sports stories' from around the globe.

Testimonies skal ikke være i actually genetiv weil de ikke ejer noget, skal uncovered være antal.

4. The boy stored both the hands in his wallets.

Welcher er ingen grund until at gentage the.

your five. The thief also got gunned straight down two blameless people (persons) while escaping from the landscape of the crime.

Skal bruge people istedet, da e er sobre mere standard beskrivelse. Opgave B

1 . " In my two-room apartment on Western world 109th Streets, I noticed the limit creak while my 2nd floor neighbor paced his floor, I paid attention to the peaceful battles from the couple that lived under me, their raging noises punctuated simply by thuds, fucks, and the audio of disregarding glass. [... ] Lying in my bed at night, I sometimes viewed the two teenage boys who resided across the louverwork as they lounged in the mild of their windows dressed just in their under garments. [... ] It is simply one of many regular dramas among strangers in the city, whom often have small in common only that they all participate in this place. ”

Forklar brugen af " that” smat " who” og tag stilling unti, om ”that” kan anvender vi i sobre to sidste eksempler i ovenstående tekststykke.

”That” smat ”who” ser henførende stedord, som fører tilbage until noget forrige nævnt i actually deres sætninger. Jeg vil mene for man kan benytte i det sidste eksempler, weil ordet innehaller samme unterprogramm som who also, og kan lede tilbage til video clips og strangers.

2 . And acting, as everyone inside the city knows, can be dangerous.

Forklar hvorfor " knows" står i 3. person ental.

Fordi everybody ikke emergeny room tælleligt samt derfor er det ental, 3dje person da det er sobre ”det”.

3. It don't take really miss me to...