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This project is principally about model of financial transactions for extracting meanings away of them, which is why ratio analysis is used. Most commonly it is used to give meanings to be able to variables simply by comparing associated with other factors to make powerful decisions. A suitable benchmark is needed for instance industry average, competition or goal set by the company alone. We have used company's prior year's performance for assessment. SOCI and SOFP of Fauji Fertilizer Company 2010 and 2011 have been extracted from the twelve-monthly report (also attached in appendix for reference).

The results generally indicate an increased performance of the company over the year 2011 in earnings terms and in liquidity conditions. Additional information about company's plan, industry typical, credit rating in the company on the market and property valuation methods is required for better a conclusion. The conceivable reasons behind any change happen to be discussed specifically throughout the evaluation. A major concentrate is the concern of relating ratios with each other. Therefore, prominent addition exists among increased liquidity ratio and decreased receivable collection period. Also the lower difference among current and quick rate shows a much better control of FFC over controlling its seed money effectively. Furthermore, a low difference between gross profit perimeter and net profit margin indicates a better control of FFC over it is expenses.

All in all, to get a better comprehension of changes, market average will assist us to compare the ratios. Along with that, we are in a better position to comment and recommend around the ratios for his or her improvements.

Introduction from the Project (Ratio Analysis)

This section of record mainly identifies these details:

Speaking about briefly, the Ratio Evaluation

Defining the bases intended for Comparative Research

Determining conditions of work

Speaking about briefly, the Ratio Examination

Financial proportions are used to offer meanings to financial and accounting data of a business. Proper comparison of ratios may reveal where a firm is placed as compared with earlier period or compared to the other firms in the same sector. Ratio research is one of the best possible techniques accessible to the management to provide the basic features like organizing & control. As the future is carefully related to instant past, ratio calculated based on historical economic statements may be of good assistance to predict the future. Ratio examination also helps to discover & explain the various areas, which require the management interest in order to improve the situation. Because the percentage analysis is involved with all the part of a organizations financial examination i. elizabeth. liquidity, solvency, activity, earnings & functionality, it permits the interested persons to learn the economic & operational characteristics associated with an organization and take the appropriate decisions. It helps to determine in the event the company would be a wise expense.

Determining the facets for Comparison Analysis

Before activities on the changes in the ratios we must set the benchmark standards for comparison. For those benchmarks, we can assess ratios to other identical companies, industry average or perhaps previous year's financial claims to see what kind of risk they bring.

Determining conditions of work

A comparison analysis with previous season will be used of your chosen company which is ‘Fauji Fertilizer Company' rather than assessing it to other Fertilizer company. This will likely give us an idea of how very much the company's earnings, liquidity, and efficiency elevated or decreased by within the year. All of us will go into a lot of details through the info we need to recognize how effortlessly or un-smoothly the FFC is doing. All of us will also consider the reasons for for what reason the company can be running the way it is, in the ‘comments and comparison section' of this record.

Introduction with the Company

Fauji Fertilizer Firm...