Professional Organization (I/O) Psychology- Online casino Security Officer

 Industrial Firm IO Psychology- Casino Security Officer Essay

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May 18, 2013


Commercial Organization (I/O) Psychology- Casino Security Officer Commercial Organizational (I/O) Psychology deals with employee teaching and creation, structure organization and consumer behavior which includes stress management and motivation approaches. The purpose of this kind of paper is usually to apply I/O Psychology to a casino security officer employee and the organization. Working as a florida security officer for a gambling establishment can be challenging, however , which has a supportive administration as well as the corporation and a peaceful work place, this career can be satisfying. This florida security officer works pertaining to Caesars Palace Casino in Las Vegas, The state of nevada as a Security Officer. This firm is owned or operated and operated by the Caesars Entertainment Company which works out of corporate headquarters in Paradisepoker, NV. The individual is 60 years old. He has been with the corporation for 7 years and hopes to cease working from Caesars Palace in 5 years. The formal casino protection officer's work includes safeguarding casino possessions and friends. Some of these duties are, protecting the property from theft, vandalism, different kinds of illegal activities and guarding casino vaults and gambling hall's cash during transfer. They must ensure the safety of employees and guests and also provide basic assistance and remain friendly at all times. They also must be able to respond to events and alert local law enforcement as required. Working in a on line casino as a florida security officer may require understanding of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures through this field. Although Caesars Building casinos provides extensive on-the-job training for new-hire security representatives, this job position requires a high school graduation diploma or possibly a GED and a few experiences such as previous use law enforcement. Automobile must be a United States citizen, at least 21 years old, and possess as well as INDUSTRIAL/ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY3

a valid NV driver's license. Express of The state of nevada Gaming Control Board states that a g working in a casino, " cannot possess any misdemeanor convictions linked to controlled chemicals, theft, meaningful turpitude, fraud or larceny. They cannot have gotten a DUI or perhaps crimes of violence within the last five years, nor any crime associated with domestic violence” (2013). This kind of excessive background check is to ensure that people that have disregards pertaining to rules tend not to work in these kinds of establishments. |

There are three selection interviews to enrolling and selecting security representatives as workers at Caesars Palace Gambling establishment which include tendencies, drug ensure that you physical fitness. To apply for a job in Caesars Building one need to apply on the web only plus the application can be nonprintable. This company uses application blanks which includes a one-page job application letter and job application.  In case the organization enjoys the customer, they call up them set for a sit-down interview (Behavior Interview). The objective of the initially interview is to see how much the candidate knows about Caesars Palace Casing such as background anonymities, the way the applicant will behave during certain situations and magnitude of their spoken communication skills. " A security officer will need to have the capability of articulating very clear instructions, critical and urgent messages and evacuation methods. Security representatives must also have the ability to explain for what reason certain types of procedures are required and which procedures are best suitable in cases of emergency” (Kaszeta, 2012). A security guard need to remain quiet at all situations. The extent of their knowledge of the controlling of particular situations; the better they are at their particular job. The 2nd interview is generally a few days after after the consumer has successfully passed...

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