Political Rebellion of the 1954s

 Political Rebellion of the 1954s Essay

Most of what we relate with the 1960's originated in the 50's, which include new thinking toward sexual intercourse and the as well as a new desire for ethnicity and diversity. Jewish and black authors, even a handful of openly homosexual writers, lower a way for the multicultural copy writers of the 80's and 90's. The margins of the culture were beginning erode the conservative middle. Elvis was influenced by black rhythm and blues, while freelance writers like Grettle Mailer and Jack Kerouac idealized dark-colored culture. Counterculture writers with the 50's had been fascinated by brighten, which encouraged them to be improvisational within their writing. Street novels just like ''On the Road'' and ''Invisible Man'' not only a new loose-jointed story but reflected a looser attitude toward morality and society. Even a book like J. M. Salinger's ''Catcher in the Rye, '' which will wasn't regarded as so impressive at the time, in retrospect became part of the junior revolution that led to the 60's.

Was the literature with the 50's in some sense enhanced by the see conservative environment?

Some people do their best work under the most adverse circumstances. Norman Mailer recently brought up the 50's as a constant drip within the brain. That irritation can easily create the pearl in the oyster. Among the best work of writers, intellectuals and filmmakers of the time was at reaction to sociable conformity plus the limited range of political issue. Films like ''Rebel Without a Cause'' reacted against the residence and family members ethos of the 1950's. Due to that, the oppressive atmosphere of the 50's would not make copy writers happy, however it was best for their job.

In your view, postwar freelance writers abandoned overloaded political and ideological themes after World War II to turn back to the inside. What induced that?

The war uncovered terrible things about human nature. Keep in mind, it concluded with the beginning of the death camps plus the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Few authors dealt with those activities directly because they could hardly really involve...