P1 Product 29 FINISHED

 P1 Product 29 FINISHED Essay

Mauds can be described as ice cream cafe located

in Windsor, towards the top of the large


This can be a independent store because

there may be only one of it.

They have a competitive market

because there are different type

of cafes like this but are offering

different goods eg. Desserts.

Mauds stock in their cafГ© is ice cubes

cream and other sweets.

Mauds would most likely employ

both old persons or students so

they can do shift work to adjust to in with


Mauds is on a primary road and it is

close to the place so can

bring generally in to declare as

if perhaps they were around the high street

they wouldn't be observed by completing


This kind of business might be a sole

trader mainly because it's a great

independent retail store and there is

merely one store.

Mauds competitors can be other

cafes around the region for

example; the twisted house or perhaps

Independent Retail outlet

Pandora is a jewellery shop based in

central Windsor.

It is just a multiple sequence store mainly because

there is several of the shop and

is also world wide.

There is a competitive market

because there are a whole lot of other

jewellery shops but they are selling

different products.

This retail store is oligopoly.

Pandoras shop stock is all jewellery.

The planet pandora would most likely employ

teenagers because as being a

jewellery retail store they are more than likely to

be a little more interested in jewellery then

seniors. Also personnel tend to always be

female due to the interest in the


The planet pandora is certainly not on a primary road but is

proper next into a train station therefore when

persons get off the train and walk

to town it truly is right there so that it will

bring customers in because there are a

lot of tourists that go to windsor to


Pandora is a Non-public Limited Firm.

Pandoras opponents would be the

various other jewellery shops near by to get

Multiple Stores


Tescos is a superstore because

they sell more than a few kind of


This supermarket is actually a oligopoly

because there are many

diverse other grocery stores

selling the same products but

with different competition.

Tescos shop stock is principally food

yet can also be residence furniture

or clothes.

Tescos would probably hire

either young part time persons or

old people possibly full time or part


Tescos in windsor is usually on a key

road therefore its easy to find.

Tescos is a Public Limited


Tescos competitors would be

Waitrose, Morrisions and Asda.

Department Store

Daniels is located in the center of the

high street.

Daniels is a department store mainly because

there is several types of departments

in the one shop but every selling particular

things to that department.

This store is a oligopoly retail store.

Daniels inventory is a wide range because

they have different departments in the

purchase example; athletics department,

jewellery department, youngsters


Daniels would just about employ virtually any

age or perhaps gender mainly because having a extensive

variety of share they would will need

different people doing work in certain

regions of the store.

Daniels is in the core high

streets so it is available to drive

straight to the front of the shop but is actually

a two minute walk from a train station,

there may be bus stops round the corner and

there is a car park underneath


Daniels is a Private Limited Business.

Catalogue Shops

Argos is found in one of the searching

centres in Slough.

Argos is a Catalogue Store mainly because they

include a catalogue which can be used to purchase

things instore and on-line, also they provide a

fresh catalogue out ever time with fresh

stock in.

This retail outlet is a oligopoly.

Argos have a wide variety mainly because sell a whole lot

of different items for example: designer watches,

toys, garden furniture.

Argos might most likely make use of older

persons because they are more likely to be

more experienced with the devices in

store and the purchasing systems.

Argos is in the community centre next to a road

and bus stops fever currently brewing they also

are located next into a car park so its simple to

access from the car park.

Argos is a Community Limited...