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 Essay upon Home Ownership versus Renting a flat

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Home Ownership versus Letting an Apartment

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[ August 29, 2010 ]

LaToya Johnson

The American dream should be to own your own home. For some this can be an extremely hard task to tackle. For others becoming a homeowner is as convenient as 123. Then you have the select few who prefer to lease over being a home owner. If you were to think of right after between the two options, you may change your mind. If you prefer to become a home owner compared to a renter, or vice versa, taking a look at the other choice might convince you. Many persons would believe that owning your own property is unique to letting; ultimately basically could be based on an individual's instances. One of the main reasons a person would choose renting a house rather than buying a home, may completely depend on the people own personal need for a whole home compared to an apartment. When persons think of homeownership, they probably think of kids, and the family lifestyle. There are grown adults starting people that were increased financially which home ownership is definitely the way to go is obviously. " Home ownership makes economic sense for many families" [ (Fletcher, Yearns, & Swanson, 2008. ) ] In that case for some persons this may not be right away needed or they are not really financially in a position to become a property owner. One must take into consideration most costs which can be associated with like a homeowner. Searching beyond the purchase price in your home possession decision" (Fletcher, Yearns, & Swanson, 08. ) " It's possible that all the various other costs of owning a residence -taxes, insurance, utilities, protection, and perhaps, further transportation costs, could equivalent or go beyond mortgage payments" (Fletcher, Yearns, & Swanson, 2008. ) Before you might even begin to consider having a home, you need to make sure that you have a deposit. " The down payment may be the initial amount of cash you put to...

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