Old Before My own Time Assessment

 Old Before My Period Review Dissertation

Karina Kurudimov

18 November 2014


Video Review

Following watching the " Old Before My own Time” video I was totally appalled. The results that liquor had in so many small people's lives was completely detrimental and i believe the film accurately described the current judgment about alcohol—that's its safe and fine to drink.

Many people in their late teens and early twenties drink a lot and party a lot without realizing the results that all their actions include. The film depicted how alcohol influenced the lives of various teenagers in women. It resulted in alcohol dependence, liver inability, pancreatitis, and death. It can be truly a wake-up call for the young people who have believe that they can be invinsible and that they will not become another statistic in an alcoholic beverages related disease.

The film accurately described how most young people decide to completely disregard the fact that consuming can cause permanent damage to their bodies. When they are out drinking they do not realize that they are really slowly harming their livers and are 1 step closer to becoming alcoholics. Based on what I saw inside the film, all of the drinkers would not think they'd a problem and claimed that they could prevent whenever they wanted to, yet nonetheless continued ingesting.

It is the opinion the fact that film was successful in portraying how alcohol happens to be affecting the young people worldwide. In addition , it was successful at scaring me personally into not wanting to touch just one drink around me because it shows just how easy it is to get drinking to spiral out of control and cause problems. The film is definitely one stage closer to increasing awareness of how alcohol has effects on young bodies and how risky and dangerous that alcohol can truly be.