National Bookstore: a Profile of Its Advertising Mix

 National Bookstore: a Profile of Its Advertising Mix Dissertation


Nationwide Bookstore provides a wide range of items from the retail sale and distribution of books to the sale of various school supplies. National Bookstore's products, especially the school supplies, are mostly directed for the students' and office workers' consumption and needs. However , the customers of National Bookstore are not limited to just students and office workers. The corporation also provides kids through the sale of toys and games, coloring literature, crayons and et cetera. Adults are also clients of National Bookstore since they avail of the various selections of books that National has to offer. Students and also other consumers too know that Nationwide Bookstore presents products of good quality along with affordable prices which can be of great gain to the consumers.

National Bookstore offers branded university supplies just like Staedler, Stabilo, Cattleya, and et cetera. Yet , National Bookstore also offers their own product line called Best Buy which is more affordable than any other brands. In place, National Book shop gives the choice to its consumers to choose the companies brands that suit their tastes which fit in their wallet. Countrywide Bookstore goods have become necessary for students and office workers. My numbers were so high, that Filipinos equate and refer to bookstores as Nationwide, like how photocopying is usually equated to Xerox and marker to Pentel. Filipinos rely a whole lot on Nationwide Bookstore featuring them top quality products that Filipinos no longer look at various other bookstores in the market and instead, target only about National Book shop. National Bookstore has therefore become a large and crucial part of the Filipinos' lives.


Affordable pricing is one objective that National Book shop has – every system is of the best top quality at the greatest price. Nationwide Bookstore wants that college students be able to afford to buy school supplies using their own allocated that is why Nationwide Bookstore's goods are priced at inexpensive levels, whilst keeping the...

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