Nacirema Composition

Horace Miner writes about the Nacirema, a lifestyle steeped in magic and superstition. Their very own ways of existence are portrayed as uncivilized and philistine. The Nacirema perform traditions and rites that are odd to all of us here in the civilized globe. The information and characterization of this group make this very hard to get the reader to connect or even start to understand these kinds of a strange people. Miner begins of the content creating a great atmosphere of wonderment; " if each of the logically feasible combinations of behavior never have been identified somewhere on the globe, he(anthropologist) is usually apt to suspect that they must trouble some but undescribed tribe”(Miner: 1956: 503). And that group is the Nacirema, a foreign and strange individuals to whom all of us in the western world can never associate. However , in the event ones appearance closely in the text plus the hints offered, it is clear that Horace Miner features tricked all of us into ethnocentrism, all the while describing to all of us the American culture. The truth is the word Nacirema is American spelled backward. The Body Traditions of the Nacirema is in fact a satire for the American culture of the fifties. There are tips throughout the content leading us to the right conclusion of its intent; however , every clue the description from the Nacirema traditions and rituals is so strongly strange that people find it hard to comprehend that it is the precursor of the modern tradition that is staying described. The founder of the Nacirema tribe Notgnihsaw is said to have performed two wonderful feats of heroism. Once again Notgnihsaw can be Washington spelled backwards as well as the feats consider the chopping down from the cherry tree and throwing of a bit of slate through the river Potomac. Miner refers to the lake as Pa-To-Mac which is an anagram pertaining to Potomac. It can be interesting to make note of that George Washington's task of tossing the sterling silver dollar across the Potomac is actually a an overstated myth, leading one to believe the actual American culture is probably not so taken out of superstition and magic as we think. Miner...

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