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 Ms. Shonte’ Essay

Students in the 21st Century

Conduct a great observation of 1-2 hours in a area that is not a school (e. g., mall, video theatres, athletic or musical organizations, pizzas arcade, church, parks) in which students congregate and see:

1 . Communication styles (verbal and non-verbal ) At our family dinner I discovered that the old kids has not been talking to one another. They was standing or perhaps sitting around texting prove phones or on the net. They more youthful kids was running around using each other. The older children only spoken when they wanted something or when an individual asked these people something. installment payments on your Social/interpersonal manners: The elderly kids had not been very sociable. When it came to interpearsonal behaviors I noticed that my youngest boy was showing out in the front of the other kids by preventing his much larger. His sibling was not fighting the back having been just launghing at him. My most well-known son is very shy. The other kids some to be more relaxed. 3. Subject areas of discussion: In dinner time the ask problem like: what school you go to? How old are you? Do you have a girlfriend or man? What type of foodstuff you like to take in? What sport do you perform? What is your favourite basketball crew? Who you believe is going to make that to the playoff games these kinds of year.

4. Verbiage: None of the children employed verbiage if they talked to each other or others.

your five. Attitudes: The kids was done up a very good changing mood

6. Garments and human body art, elizabeth. g., tattoos, piercings, etc . The males had about hoodies, t shirts, jeans and Nike, and Addias. non-e of the children had any kind of body fine art, tattoos. Nevertheless they did get their ear punctured.

Think about your remark experience. Create a 500-750-word reflection describing the communication designs, social/interpersonal actions, topics of discussion, common phrases and verbiage, attitudes, and clothing and body art.

Be sure to include any surprises you encountered versus what you predicted.

GCU style is not required, although solid this task is...