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The Travel Record section, British Border Organization (UKBA) is responsible for the account and concern of Home business office travel files to both equally Commonwealth individuals and international nationals. The definition of travel file describes virtually any document given for the purpose of travelling, which is not a national passport and so does not recognise the holder's right to the nationality of the giving authority's country. The documents issued are only to facilitate travel. They are not identification documents and don't confer nationwide status around the holder. Several types of document will be issued to the people who are normally unable to have a passport from any providing state: • • • •

Asylum Document (blue) Stateless Person Document (red) Certificate of Travel (previously Certificate of Identity right up until March 2008) (CoT black, CID brown) Declaration of Identity (TDB 137) (single sheet of paper)

Office at home Travel papers may be forwarded with a software for a very first time passport. If the application is apparent for concern, and not before, the examiner should cancel the travel document by simply cutting the most notable right hand corners in the front and back addresses and stamping all web pages with the 'CANCELLED' stamp prior to returning it to the Travel and leisure Documents section by DX Secure pouches which should be plainly marked and sent to World House Snail mail Room. The cancelled travel document needs to be placed in the DX Secure pouch and clearly proclaimed ‘Travel File Section'. The address under should be also entered on to the envelope just before placing in the pouch. When an application is usually accompanied by a valid Home Office Travel Document and a British passport has been given then the Home Office Travel Doc should be terminated and submitted to the Travel and leisure Documents Section (as every above) employing Secure Delivery (Please observe Posting Passports and Documents). This should end up being forwarded with all the Home Office Travel around Document Page. Please Note: Your home Office Travel...