HSC 2007 Support independence in the tasks of daily living



Credit value


Learning effects

The novice will:

Examination criteria

The learner can easily:

1 . Figure out principles for supporting independence in the responsibilities of daily living

1 . 1 Explain how individuals can benefit from being because independent as is possible in the responsibilities of everyday living

1 . 2 Explain just how active engagement promotes freedom in the duties of everyday living

1 . several Describe how daily living duties may be troubled by an individual's tradition or backdrop

1 . 4 Explain the importance of featuring support that respects the individual's tradition and personal preferences

1 . a few Describe tips on how to identify appropriate opportunities intended for an individual to find out or try out skills intended for daily living

1 ) 6 Make clear why it is crucial to establish roles and duties for featuring support

installment payments on your Be able to establish what support is required for daily living jobs

2 . one particular Access information about support intended for daily living duties, using a person's care plan and decided ways of operating

installment payments on your 2 Clarify with the person and others certain requirements for promoting an individual's independence in daily living tasks

installment payments on your 3 Explain how so when to access further guidance to solve any problems or worries about support for everyday living tasks

3. Be able to provide support for preparing and organizing meals

several. 1 Support the individual to plan dishes that contribute to a healthy diet and reflect the individual's culture and preferences

3. two Support the consumer to store food safely

several. 3 Support the individual to organize food in a way that promotes effective participation and safety

4. Be able to give support for buying and using household and personal items

some. 1 Identify different ways of buying household and private items

some. 2 Work with the individual to spot household and private items that will be needed

5. 3 Support the individual to obtain items within their...