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Organizational Framework Paper: Bank of America


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Emerging of Bank of America

Bank of America is among the largest banking institutions not only inside the U. H. but all over the world as well. Its beginning grounded from a small financial institution called Financial institution of Italia that was established by Amadeo Peter Giannini and his son in San Francisco, California in 1904 (Bank of America Heritage., 2012). At the time of establishment its first reason of existence was to service those that were turned away from different banks; most were maqui berry farmers who had are derived from Italy (" Encyclopedia Britannica ", 2011). Today Lender of America provides companies for almost 62 million buyers its new headquarters has become in Charlotte now, North Carolina. In 1958, Bank of America was also the first to produce a bank card referred to as BankAmeriCard, which allowed buyers to access all their accounts and charge acquisitions to all of them as well.

Corporate Structures

There are different types of corporate company structures; straight structures and horizontal buildings. The top to bottom structure includes a hierarchically organised organization in which all management activities happen to be controlled with a centralized managing staff (Bateman, T. S., & Snell, S. A., 2011). This is certainly more of a traditional type of business such as those of Bank of America that develops good bureaucratic control of all organizational activities. As opposed to a side to side structure which can be one of decentralization of power and or control. At least within certain departments a great emphasis is put on horizontal collaboration, instead of conceiving of leadership jointly person always being in charge. Leadership is often shared amongst team commanders and users shifting towards the person with all the most expertise or competence in the subject. Within the side to side structure in addition there are other types of sub organizational constructions; The Practical...

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