Jane Parker Follett

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MARY PARKER FOLLETT (1868 -- 1933)

The most up-to-date addition to the gathering of ebooks about Jane Parker Follett is a contribution by Joan C. Tonn entitled Mary P. Follett: Creating Democracy, Modifying Management (BUS bunch HN57. T695 2003) The press release for this book is usually available here. Just lately a new book about an older management theorist arrived in the Business Library. Posted by the Harvard Business College Press, the contributors included Drucker, Mintzberg, Bennis and Kanter. Most likely it was because the book was published by simply that press with remarks by those individuals, that the subject matter attracted more attention than normal. The title from the book is Mary Parker Follett - Telepathist of Management: A Party of Writings from the 1920s (BUS stack HD31. M334 1995) and the subject matter is obviously Follett who was a social theorist earlier from this century. A large amount has been revealed Follett and her ideas concerning agencies and administration. Since the materials is existing over a long period and across several academic procedures, this short introduction and bibliography is designed to help you identify material concerning the " mother" of management theory. Obviously the area to begin is with the new variety of her articles mentioned above. Additionally, it contains critiques of her positions, a handy epilogue by Paul Lawrence and a bibliography of Follett's writings. For a quick biographical sketch see the appendix in Integrative Managing: Creating Unanimity from Variety, by Pauline Graham (HD 38. G68) as well as the composition by Graham in Mary Parker Follett - Prophet of Management (BUS collection HD thirty-one. M334) which in turn she edited. For an early on biographical part see Volume. 4 of theInternational Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Sciences, � " Follett, Mary Parker" (DBW research H 41. I58). The University of Western Ontario has a sturdy collection of material by approximately Follett and there have been a lot of works about her that have been produced about this campus. In 1992,...