Marketing Test Questions

 Marketing Check Questions Essay

1- Business intelligence (BI) devices are details systems accustomed to support administration decisions by simply producing info for evaluation, analysis, planning and control. 2- ad-hoc queries will be essentially concerns that can be solved using databases data. 3- SQL Methodized Query Dialect the widespread query vocabulary of relational DBMS goods is always behind the user friendly GUIs. 4- SKU stock keeping unit is a unique identifier for each and every particular item that cape CODD markets. 5-Extracting price tag sales data from the detailed data foundation to perform the marketing study 6- The partnership between Retail order and order item is ordernumber and among order item and SKU data is SK six – SQL was developed by the IBM Corporation in late 1970s. It was recommended as nationwide standard by ANSI in 1986 and by INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG in 1987. 8-was another version in the SQL in contrast to SQL-89, it was a major revising of the normal. For all nevertheless a few minor incompatibilities, the SQL-89 normal is ahead compatible with SQL-92, this type of SQL is used In a Microsoft get 2010 databases in this phase. 9-


11-Data manipulation language (DML) statements employed for querying, placing, modifying and deleting data 12- Data definition language statements intended for creating dining tables, relationships and other structures. 13- Select identifies which content are to be listed, from identifies which desks are to be utilized and In which specifies which will rows are to be listed in the query outcomes. 14- Microsoft company access 2010 does include a setting to allows to work with sql which allows access tools such as forms and reports to be utilized in application expansion for Microsoft company Sql machine 15-

16-warehouseid pk in warehouse and fk in inventory desk

17- Choose sku, sku_description from inventory;

18-select SKU_description, SKU from inventory;

19-select warehouseid via inventory;

20-select distinct warehouseid from inventory;

21-select warehouseid, sku, sku_description, quantityonhand, qoantityonorder From...