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 marketing -- 4Ps Article

To target the chosen segment, we have planned to put the 4Ps strategy since following.

About the product, each of our product is a modern backpack known as AirBackPack, the backpack that may contain a radiating system, it could keep the AirBackPack user great when having it. And it can also launch warm air, to ensure that people will keep comfortable in the winter too. All of us decided to present the AirBackPack to Gregory, a outdoor bag productions company, because Gregory possess a good manufacturer in different elements, such as the top quality, Gregory have many special Substances to make luggage, such as the " Aero-Tech Mesh", a fabric with 3D weaved, this cloth have really high permeability, and it's ideal to make the AirBackPack. Furthermore, Gregory provide warranty repair, in the event the bags possess quality difficulty that destroyed quickly, Gregory can repair it for you free of charge or even provide you with a new a single, this following sale services is a ensure to buyers.

For the purchase price, a Gregory bag which is normal and possess no exceptional functions, is around $1200, after merging the radiating program, we predicted the price of the AirBackPack needs to be around $1,5k, and we matched the AirBackPack as a premium product, which means it include high quality and high cost, however, not reach the luxury level yet. As the target portion is midsection class, so the price is appropriate because it is just slightly expensive compare to other normal bags.

Then, the spot of selling this product, because Gregory have no specialty retail store in Hong Kong, the AirBackPack should be sold like additional Gregory hand bags, which are distributed through distributor. About the allocations with the selling point, we all thought that they should focus inside the shopping area of teenagers including MongKok and Causeway Bay, because we are targeting mainly generation Con, so that we have to put even more AirBackPack inside their sight. Also, as today internet and information technology are developed quickly, many persons love to get items on the net, we recommend sell the...