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2)The reality Millard's gives a budget price for big and tall as well as the same is true of the better price point intended for regular sizes.

m. This sets Millard's into a competitive edge because there is only 1 competitor in this segment.

c. The budget price point in regular sizes is certainly not at a competitive benefit.

d. It is because Kohl's and Target offers a better price point and holds a higher percentage of total class when compared to Millard's

3)a. Thomas & Blake moving away from business does indeed provide an environmental chance for Millard's. T& B losing sight of business can cause the T& B client to move over and get a Millard's client because they are another option.

m. It does; Millard's may consider dropping their private label to be able to claim the newest " brand department store” territory. c. Millard's may start to grow their branded assortment, put more products, more top quality name (perhaps the same ones offered at Thomas and Blake) in order to make sure the T& B consumer becomes a Millard's shopper.