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The following are the major challenges KKD were facing: That mistakenly tied up the profit, the amount of stores, as well as the sales of machines and ingredients collectively. Moreover, it had been too extreme. It was starving to show its ‘perfect performances' to investors by decorating their book value. By non-financial point of view, there are serious drawbacks at the rear of the broadening, and the developing numbers of shops made the KK Doughnuts ‘everywhere', which in turn made consumers lost their feelings of freshness of computer. As the truth mentioned, KKD raised the purchase price within the Michigan franchise in order to get the interest of financial loans back and KKD recorded the eye under because an immediate cash flow, profit. Inside the meanwhile, that booked the price of buyback the franchise and the payment to the executive as an intangible asset, which the company did not amortize. In my opinion, the interest ought to be recorded beneath equity and the cost and payment could be booked since properties, cost, or at least they need to be amortized. KKD acquired the interest from the franchise and successfully elevated its income to attract buyers but it in reality sacrificed the shareholders' benefits by offering a great over worth purchasing prize. Moreover, keeping the previous executive till the trade shut down and providing a huge amount of payment makes myself wonder if there was an inside control.

Exhibit 1, 2& 3 displays the detrimental growth of KKD. Compared to the regarding total revenues in the whole organization, revenue that each stores contributed (total revenue/ total factory stores) was not increasing appropriately. On the contrary, the expansion of stores brought the corporation large expenses and venture. The price tag on opening a fresh store, acquiring it and close it was paid in vain. The amount of stores grew too quickly. The exhibit as well shows the abnormal high value of stock-price patterns when compared to S& G 500 Composite resin Index but it really was finally ‘down to the earth' eventually of 2004...