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Kayak. Com as an Online Travel Agency

TOUR BUS 360 Electronic Commerce

Teacher: Dr . Shen

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Yasin Gonenc

Tahsin Burak Gurler

Tibet Aydın

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05. 03. 2013

Since past over decades people have been traveling around the globe. Deciding where to go as vacationing can be interesting and frustrating at the same time. Your decision making process of traveling can be not something that can be done immediately, without making well-informed decisions, consulting relatives and buddies or any significant others, in choosing from a wide range of alternatives. Today, persons make this decision with the help of on-line travel companies. As Boat. com features itself, " the planet's largest travelling search engine, shows results from 404 travel sites, providing prices and itineraries for hundreds of airlines, much more than 155, 000 hotels, most leading car rental companies, and 17 sail lines”. This report mainly examines the organization model components, marketing implications of a leading online travel agency ‘kayak. com', and also a great analysis of how they are rivalling with the brick and mortar travel firms. Kayak. com is a web page that provides online marketers such as air travel companies, hotels and rental cars companies with the opportunity to reach individuals who would like to have a travel support. Also kayak. com procedures transactions intended for consumers that are usually handled personally, by cellphone, or by mail. These kinds of facts obviously show that kayak. com's business model is usually (B2C) Business-to-Consumer Business. For the value proposition, kayak. com targets both equally leisure and business travelers. The reason why if the customer should buy from boat. com is really because kayak. com assists the process of research and comparison of rates and other travel around information linked to the travel accumulated from numerous websites. Boat. com products information not simply from suppliers, but likewise from other on the web travel firms. After a...

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