Jardi Tancat Essay

 Jardi Tancat Essay

Dance dissertation

Discuss how Nacho Duato uses spacial elements to increase the purpose in ‘Jardi Tancat'

Jardi Tancat was made by a Spanish choreographer called Nacho Duato in 1983. It was his first job which when translated, means ‘enclosed garden'. This job shows the cyclic way of living of the operating class, Catalonian people who live off the property. Their everyday routine consists of praying to God for rain as the are in desperate will need of normal water to grow your crops and focusing on the terrain using ploughing movements. Additionally, it shows the hardships they will face by using motifs. The spacial components that Duato uses will be dimension and shape, and floor patterns and paths. These are used to further the intent in ‘Jardi Tancat'.

Dimensions and shapes are used throughout Nacho Duato's choreographed piece, Jardi Tancat. The cross shape is performed with one girl who is elevated off the ground with 2 males on possibly arm intended for support. The females legs are straight, closed seite an seite and aimed towards the ground. Because the Catalan folklore have been strongly inspired by Both roman Catholicism, they will mimic the form of the mix which is a significant icon to followers of christianity.

One more shape performed throughout the boogie is the usage of circles. This kind of movement is manipulated by using the arms, lower limbs, turns and lifts. For instance , in the section where the ballroom dancers perform in partners, the first couple shows the circular styles. Both the man and female turn (similarly into a passe turn). The right feet is indicated, then pounds is used in the right lower leg (demi pointe). The kept leg is raised for the back and bent at the knees. Both lower limbs are parallel during the change. The biceps and triceps are curled to the shoulder, hands will be clasped collectively and move in a circular motion over a head. This kind of movement can be manipulated in different ways to show a similar intent which is to emphasis on their cyclical, never ending struggle with their desperate need for rain.

Another spacial factor used to further more...