Products on hand Management System Proposal

 Inventory Management Proposal Essay


Billy Lacey


04 5, 2015

Jayson Sayers

Inventory Management Proposal

The new system proposal that is introduced to Riorden manufacturing is an inventory management. An inventory management system is used to manage inventory pertaining to the products which have been sold to the customers and the items that are used to assist serve the shoppers. This new system will steer clear of mistakes because the inventory system will certainly eliminate the will need of manual inventory control and manual ordering with the products and materials. This products on hand management system may help the growth with the company by increasing the inventory to accommodate for the customers' needs as outage of products and supplies will probably be eliminated and also the limits of goods and supplies that are not needed will not be squandered if expired or never used.

The process that is certainly currently employed at Riorden manufacturing will be changed because less time will probably be needed to get products or supplies this means productive salaries will not be squandered and trigger overages in the payroll each week. As of now Riorden manufacturing has become overspending upon staffing and having under production which is not meeting salaries budget. Riorden manufacturing has been completing almost all inventory methods manually or perhaps by hand. Receiving products and supplies are measured and retained track simply by an obsolete method of side written record. As Riorden manufacturing gain customers with excellent services mistakes will probably be made as products and materials are neglected to be taken from the manual products on hand keeping way.

The process of the new inventory management system will include having a way of scanning every shipments that are received electronically instead of side written. To ensure that this process to work to initialize the device or commence the process all current products on hand or the companies supplies must be entered while the beginning count therefore there after new shipments will be added and goods sold will probably be deducted from your inventory. Checking shipment barcodes will allow deliveries to be downloaded in the program instead of checking or looking at each merchandise. This method helps you to save time and money. Minimum and Extremum will be downloaded in the program for each item depending on the clients demand. Minimum is an amount or volume that a method not to fall season below or perhaps customers' demands are not going to become meet. Extremum is a sum or amount that a product can't look at in order to stop an overage of an item or merchandise. (If there exists a 4 syringes on hand with an average of twelve syringes distributed a week, then simply for one week the minimal amount or perhaps quantity pertaining to syringes will probably be 10 plus the maximum will be 12 because they are shipped four per load up. This will allow one to always have enough because when the quantity falls into between the bare minimum and optimum an purchase will generate with that item on the order day automatically for almost eight syringes. )

In order to have an exact inventory every employees doing work for Riorden manufacturing will need to develop a training course intended for full understanding of the new products on hand management system. Right up until this course is completed all employees will have no access to the inventory management to avoid possible mistakes that might encounter difficulties with inventory counts with in Riorden manufacturing.

For the products on hand management system internet and mobile access will probably be needed. Net and Intranet will be have to receive invoices automatically in the system by Riorden developing. This will allow for all items or products being downloaded in the Riorden manufacturing database when the barcode is usually scanned on the shipment packaging. In order for transmitting data once shipments will be received as well as for counting the first first is important when the product is set up portable access will be needed by making use of routers that work with the handheld scanner. This will allow information searched in around the handheld scanner to be sent to the...

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