In the event that an employee leaves a company to work for a competitor

 If an worker leaves a company to be employed by a competition Essay

If an employee leaves a company to work for a competitor, what sorts of knowledge could possibly be ethical intended for the employee to share with the new company and what kinds of knowledge can be unethical to share?

With organization in frequent competition, losing an employee into a competitor could pose danger to the achievement of a company with the expertise a former staff brings the competitor. Ethics, by contrast, is identified as the principles and standards of ethical behavior which can be accepted by simply society as right passages wrong. (Bovee, Thill & Mescon. 3 years ago pg. 63) The knowledge one possesses to create a right decision or at least the best choice from among competing alternatives, individuals must think through the results of their actions. There are many types of knowledge which may be shared which can be considered honest while others less than ethical.

Ethical knowledge suitable for sharing with a new employer is knowledge and schooling acquired, marketing plans and development protocol. Typically this is information does not offer insider secrets from the former workplace. Giving out insider information is definitely not competitive fairly and honestly as businesses are likely to do which could result in dishonest practices.

The most common purpose intended for unethical practice is affected by the prospect of personal gain also known as conflict with client positions]. (Bovee, Thill & Mescon. 2007 pg. 67) For example , while it could possibly be ethical to share a list of distributors the former workplace uses, it can be unethical pertaining to the employee to share what the vendor charges the business. These actions could be deemed insider trading which is not just unethical, nevertheless also unlawful.

While some understanding is evidently ethical while others clearly unethical, the employee and competitor could find themselves trapped in an moral dilemma. Understanding as a general rule, the greater you know plus the better you understand a situation, the better your chances are of getting an ethical decision. (Bovee, Thill & Mescon. 3 years ago pg....