Imaginarium Case Study Analysis

 Imaginarium Case Study Analysis Composition



I Meters A G I And A R I U M


Producer, Purchaser, Seller and Dealer toy business that sells a wide range of quality and properly selected toys to children at the best price, with the best customer satisfaction, with skilled staff and in a well-located fun atmosphere store.

•Company´s Mission: Getting a fun approach to the human advancement boys and girls throughout the world. •Company´s Goal: To help children learn, picture and discover. •Target Market: Youngsters ages among birth and eight to nine years old. •Product: A comprehensive portfolio of careful chosen quality gadgets (educational, might " play” with children, were not sexist, racist or violent) with content activity area just like preschool, games, music, movie theater, dolls, manual work, research and nature, professions, movement, etc . •Positioning: The Company was positioned as the toy shop company together with the best design and style stores, qualified personnel that strive for customer´s satisfaction, giving quality products at reasonable prices in the finest locations. •Sales Objectives: Boost sales from previous years (does not mention just how much). With an idea, in 2000 financial year the retail sales amounted to approximately 34 million pounds, with profits of 2. 4 million euros. By 2001 the product sales revenue accounted for 33. 6th million euros and for 2002 they believed a growth up to 42. a few million euros. •Expansion Goals: The Company organized to open twenty-five more stores outside The country in 2001 and further 63 in 2002, increasing the amount of countries in which it anticipated having shops to 18 at the conclusion of 2002. Also, having 50% in the outlets as the company´s personal stores (readjusted by the enlargement drive and not mention more). Finally, becoming the main multinational in Europe also to lead our market portion at the worldwide level. •Business Strategy: With the help of the share capital injections develop their particular market niche, using a complete, appealing and almost unique organization concept. •Marketing Strategy (Porter´s): To be several by making a fun ambiance store and adding value to the getting the toys (toy experts, imaginarium net, imaginarium club). The key marketing strategy was based on strong marketing support to the stores, extensive magazines and limited advertising.

MARKET MARKET (PorterВґs 5 forces)

•Competition: A) National. - little retail stores, B). US. -- Toy´s " R” Us, Kmart, Target and KILOBYTES Toys C). - Foreign. - various other retail stores (not mentioned). •Power of suppliers: Imaginarium includes a high benefits of supply as a result of it´s significant volume of product sales, stores own and dispenses around the world. •Power of customer: the power of the customer is low due to the quantity of competitors all providing the same playthings at about the same selling price. •Barriers to entry: ethnic, competition, financial condition of the country of entrance, government polices, taxes, custom duties, deficiency of qualify personnel in some countries, logistic problems, etc . •Substitute products: sports products.


Parents that spend on toys with gross annual average usage of 192. 14 euros per child (year 2000).


•Tena put in little upon advertising and neither do he have confidence in selling at bargain rates. •Various foreseeable future growth choices.

•Whether the business is prepared to support the needs of the fast expansion (human, financial and IT capabilities). •The site is not working at a complete potential which is reflected on the internet sales. •Spanish market don´t trust purchasing over the internet. •Generate traffic inside the website that may conclude with final product sales. •Translate the web page to various different languages in order to adapt to new markets. •Improve the IT capabilities of the business in order to take care of the information more effectively. •The IT systems tend not to cater the growth in terms of retailers, products and the brand new ways contacting the...